dutch alley artist's co-op
       Cultural Outreach
  As a cooperative, our gallery consists of 26 individual self employed artists.  The average number of years in business for our artists is more than a decade.  As a group and as individuals, we have within our ranks and infinite well of knowledge and experience about the business of fine art and craft.  All of our artists have their craft as their sole means of generating income.
   We are proud of the gallery and of the business we have built and enjoy having the opportunity to share our knowledge and experience with those just bringing their talents into commerce.  
  We are pleased to help our most recent partners, The Houma Nation Artisans bring their unique crafts to the public.  
Visit some of the Houma Nation artisans in the plaza outside of the gallery during the Creole Tomato Festival.
                   June 11-12, 2016