Reggie Ford

 New Orleans artist Reggie Ford grew up hopping the streetcars, running the streets of the French Quarter and finding the hidden treasures of the mystical city.  As a youth, Ford started drawing in the third grade, but the instant he picked up a brush at the age of 14, he discovered what would become his lifelong passion for painting.  By adulthood, Ford had become a new age Renaissance Man as he simultaneously created his signature works of art, actively pursued a semi-pro football career and worked full time in the restaurant business.  August of 2005 marked a pivotal moment in Ford's life as hurricane Katrina ravaged his city.  As did many other ninth ward natives, he evacuated to Houston following the storm.  While there, he worked tirelessly sharpening his painting skills.  In March 2006, Ford returned to New Orleans where he pursued his career full time at Dutch Alley Artist's Co-op.


 In the first year of his professional art career, Ford's popularity grew exponentially as he was featured in many newspaper and magazine articles and made numerous TV appearances.  His credits include painting live at the Coca-cola, McDonald's and Cisco national conventions to name a few.  Ford was also chosen to paint an ornament for the White House Christmas tree where he and other artists were honored at a White House Christmas party.


 The spirit of the city is alive in Reggie Ford as it flows from his brush to his paintings and into the hearts of those who see his works.