Tress Turner

  Tress Turner is a self taught artist from New Orleans whose work is a kaleidascope of mixed media, found objects and family history embeddedin rusted metal and scraps welded together into a visual translation of the southern gothic.  Her pieces often combine welding, woodworking, acrylic

painting and found objects in a raw style more closely aligned with the folk art and outsider art movements than the products of formal training and mass production.  Each piece is a one-off visceral creation.


  Turner's works preserve and physically transform  memories by giving new life to found objects.  Catholic  iconography mixes with folk traditionstied together with latin phrases and French Quarter life, all distilled through wood, metal and barbed wire.  Her mixed media pieces range from the brutally honest and simple to the whimsical and ornate. An array of colors

and textures, intricate with personal meaning, leaves the door open for interactive viewer interpretation and experience.  This underlying interactive component can engage a smile, provoke a forgotten memory, confront tradition or question religious beliefs, and is often peppered with a spicy, irreverent sense of humor.