Troyano Living Furniture
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  Paul Troyano has been handcrafting artistic and functional furnishings and furniture using repurposed Louisiana trees and recycled wood for over 25 years.  His favorites are Cedar, Camphor, Avocado, Mulberry, Magnolia, Cypress, Sweet Olive, Walnut and Pear.
  Paul has been able to make his own lumber from local trees and air dry the boards so they are ready to use for furniture and other useful items.  
  With Nature as his inspiration, and feeling that trees are one of our most valued resources, Paul started imitating the organic curves of Nature.  Believing if a tree has come down from old age or a storm, Paul's passion was to give the wood new life.  Through a process of laminating or building up thin layers of wood, Paul creates unique furniture and kitchen furnishings.
  Sue began her own artistic venture weaving baskets and then expanded to rushing and caning chairs that Paul repaired.  Her focus in the business changed after they realized that the typical lampshades did not do justice to the natural mystique of the lamps Paul created.  So, Sue learned how to make lampshades from local artist Jerald White, using rice paper to match the uniqueness of the lamp.